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The Problem

Many extraction companies don’t have the working capital to purchase and stay at full capacity.


It Gets Worse

Intermittent supply issues are costly and require operations to start and stop based on availability.

How We Help

Highly Secure

We insure the product

Proprietary Equipment

Consistent Quality


Certified Product

We choose and certify our farms

We Loan

Different options to fit all of your needs

On-Site Testing


National Reach

Reduced Sales Cycle Time. The time to buy is reduced to hours instead of days. The validation and transaction processes are streamlined and are 100% transparent.

Certification. We establish SOP’s and quality control standards to maintain consistency. We certify hemp on every deal and provide a compliance package on every lot sold.

Buying Options. You can choose from an assortment of different material, and you choose what specs you want the material processed. You also have the option of cash or finance purchase.

Consolidation. Fathom provides access to hundreds of farms through one centralized and reliable source.

Financing Solutions

Faster Turns: Deals can happen easier and faster once qualified

First in Line: Our financed customers take priority

Higher Profit: Operating at full capacity is more profitable

Alleviates Upfront Cash Constraints: Spend money on more important things for improving profitability and expansion (personnel, inventory, infrastructure, marketing, ect.)

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